Don't Hide Your Serving Trays In The Cabinet!

Don't Hide Your Serving Trays In The Cabinet!

I have several nice serving trays and platters and I hate hiding them away when I am not using them.  So, I use them decorate! 

Here are a few beautiful ways to display some of my favorite serving trays offered in the store!


A few tips before you begin...

Use a combination of natural and faux items.

Arrange in layers.

Don't do it all at once!  Work on it, step back, take a 5 minute break, come back and work some more.

Be open to making changes...multiple changes...until you get it just right.

Sometimes MORE is better!  And, sometimes LESS is MORE!

Also be open to mixing items that may not seem to work together.

Just keep working and re-working, patiently, until you LOVE it!

Gather your design elements

In the following photos, I used faux florals and greenery, dried hydrangeas, chestnuts, gourds, and candles.  Choose a variety of colors, sizes and textures.  You can also use small glass votives, Christmas ornaments, and other interesting items.  I like to use small sentimental pieces, sometimes, as well.

Prep your flowers and greenery.

Depending on the project, I pull the faux flowers off their stems or, using a wire cutter, I cut the stems short.  I also pull off leaves and other foliage from larger clusters to create small, individual pieces that are easier to work with.  All those long stems get in the way and you don't want to see them poking out everywhere!

Select your serving trays.

These are the stars of the show!  For my photos I used...clockwise from the left:  Tuscan Basket Tray, Tuscan Round Cheese Tray, Bella Bianca Rectangular Tray w/ Handles, and Tuscan Medium Rectangular Tray

Create a focal point.

Decide which item will be the center of attention.  This is usually your largest item and the one that is most colorful.  It is the part of your design that will draw someone's eye!  In most of these photos, it is the candle.  Notice above...I did not place it in the center of the tray. You can do that for a more formal look, but it is often more interesting to place that object off-center.  (You will actually move this off the tray before you begin, but you need to have an idea of where you want to put it.)

See the difference between placing your focal point in the center and then off-centered?

Start with the bottom layers and work up.  

This takes a little practice and a lot of patience.  I often find that if it doesn't look the way I want, I just need to keep adding to the arrangement.  Again, make it visually interesting and inviting by using a variety of textures and color.  Once you have it the way you want it, you can often keep things in place with a drop of hot glue, putty, or double-sided tape...just as long as it doesn't damage the tray.

Fill in the gaps with small items.

See all those little brown chestnuts?  I used them to fill in holes and to get rid of white space.

Step back, examine from multiple angles, and let it sit for a day before making any more changes!


Sometimes it helps to walk away, take a break, an come back with fresh eyes!

Now...ENJOY!!!  Your serving trays will never feel lonely in the cabinet again!

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