The Gift of a Truly Enjoyable Holiday Season

The Gift of a Truly Enjoyable Holiday Season

It's still hot outside, and it feels like fall will never get here.  Still...the holiday season sneaks up on me every year and I always feel unprepared!

Do you find yourself feeling so tired and scrambled that you don’t enjoy the holiday season and end up with feelings of regret?  

Let’s make a promise to ourselves that, this year, we are going to get organized and give ourselves the gift of a more graceful and meaningful holiday season!

Giving gifts to those we love should be joyful, but I tend to put it off until it becomes a chore...and then I don’t feel very inspired!  I often buy those "easy" gifts first, and put off shopping for the people who seem to have everything!  This year, reverse the process!  Get your list made early..set your the challenging gifts first...and pace yourself!

I realize when the temp is 90 degrees outside, it’s hard to think about spiced cider and your favorite Thanksgiving sides!  By starting can give yourself some time to pull out the old standbys and discover new favorites!  Search Pinterest for ideas.  Look through your favorite cookbooks.  Find a few interesting recipes and start testing them out on your family now!

I can’t help you with the perfect outfit or a killer pair of shoes...but how about a gorgeous serving platter for your go-to party appetizer?  Ditch the Pyrex and the Gladware and treat yourself to something beautiful that will make a statement every time you use it...
and become a treasured family heirloom!

I love decorating but I hate getting it out and putting it all away.  Start now by getting out some of your holiday decorations and seeing what needs to be donated or thrown away.  Browse your favorite stores to get an idea of what’s trending this year and what might work with the things you have.   Remember...your home doesn't need to look like a lifestyle photo on Instagram to be warm and inviting.Small, thoughtful touches are the most beautiful ones!

This is my FAVORITE part!  I have LOADS of beautiful dishes and serving pieces!  Sometimes, I plan early and put a lot of effort into setting a gorgeous table.  Some years, I find myself buying holiday paper plates at the last minute!  And that’s okay, but...

Why not give your friends and family a beautiful backdrop for creating those special memories that will last a lifetime!
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