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From an early age, consumers are taught butter “belongs in the fridge.” Yet, cold butter is difficult to spread, resulting in torn toast, ripped rolls and lumpy clumps on favorite foods. So how do we enjoy soft, smooth butter while maintaining proper storage, freshness and flavor?

First, we can look to classic culinarians. In the 16th century, foodies in France created a clever bell-shaped storage crock to prevent butter from spoiling while keeping it creamy and aromatically delicious. Upon the advent of refrigeration, these little crocks slowly disappeared. Only true butter aficionados, chefs and some European households still had them in use.

Fortunately, in 1995, the butter lovers at L. Tremain, Inc. refused to relegate this beurrier to culinary history. The company has taken the traditional French concept, increased its effectiveness and beauty, to create an innovative butter storage keeper specifically for the today’s consumer -- the Original Butter Bell® Crock.

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