Sommelier Hand & Foot Balm

Sommelier Hand & Foot Balm

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Recommended for: very dry hands

Inspired by the Ayurvedic medicine, I have developed a rich, caring balm for particularly dry & chapped hands and feet. It gently nourishes irritated skin areas with nourishing ghee and grapeseed oil and helps to rebuild its natural skin barrier. The allergen-free balm completely avoids essential oils and fragrances and is suitable for sensitive skin. I gave the balm the name “Sommelier” because of its fragrance free formula – but of course you don’t have to be a sommelier to use it.

What do I use and how does it work:

✓ Ghee: Nourishing & supports wound healing

✓ Grape seed oil: caring & regenerating

✓ Elderberry seed oil: Protective & calming

✓ Palmoil-free, mineral oil-free & without artificial preservation

Pediatrician Dr. med. Christine Saahs recommends:

Suitable as baby care for particularly sensitive skin. Use for children and babies from head to toe, also in the diaper area, as well as for calming dry skin areas.