The Willow & Pine Story

 We are passionate about making your gatherings with friends and family special!

Why is it that something so simple as a dish can bring back years of memories? Because those bowls and plates hold more than just our food. They hold our family recipes and the scents and smells of holiday meals. They were passed from hand to hand around the table as laughter was shared over the food within. They’ve been just as much a part of our gatherings as the loved ones seated around the table.
Inviting timeless memories such as these is what Willow & Pine European Market is all about. You see, the longer the dish lasts, the longer the memories do, too. We don’t treasure our boxed dinnerware like we treasure the unique pieces that have stood silently at our tables through joy and heartache; we don’t smile or tear up when we bring the paper plates off the shelf like we do when we unwrap the special holiday plates. That’s because these are more than just dishes: they’re timeless vessels for memories, love, and joy. 
After living in and traveling around Europe...visiting the ceramic and pottery shops...enjoying long, relaxing meals "alfresco"...we wanted to unite those feelings of love, joy, and connection with our passion for gorgeous table settings and sentimental pieces of pewter, ceramic, and glass. 

Every beautiful plate, bowl, serving platter that we offer was hand-picked, especially for you and for your table!
In every season...we invite pass love around your table!